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A piano performing arts festival charity


9 Nov 2017 Saturday  

10 Dec 2017 Sunday      

The Atrium, The Laguna Mall, Fisherman’s Wharf, Hung Hom

Additional fee will be waived for entries before 30 November 2017.


Jury Panel:

Mr Robin Zebaida

Miss Colleen Lee

Dr Amy Sze


The aim of Performing Arts is to present and share our thoughts and feelings with people in the arena of Arts. Apart from performing as a soloist, MYM Festival also welcomes you to perform on stage with your best friend, together to share the happiness.

There is no limit on the academic level. Our guest of honour will give feedback and choose Gold, Silver and Bronze awardees on the basis of confidence, musicality, communication, intonation, style and technical skill of each player.

* All entry fees will be donated to Evangel Children’s Home after deduction of the administration fee.

Entry Fee 

$300: 01, 04, 09, 010, 019

$350: 02, 03, 05, 06, 011, 012

$400: 022

$450: 07, 08, 013-018

$500: 020, 021

Last day of entry: 11 November 2017

Each candidate can enter for max. 4 different classes. Please state in ONE form only to avoid overlapping of performing schedule.

Online entry

If you prefer to post for application (pdf form)

  • Age before 9 Dec 2017

Class Code (perform from memory, one piece only in each group)Time limit

01        Free choice K1-K32

02        Free choice P1-P33

03        Free choice P4-P63

04        Free choice age 3-42

05        Free choice age 5-63

06        Free choice age 7-83

07        Free choice age 9-105

08        Free choice age 11-125

09        John Thompson Easiest Piano Course Part 1 book (age 6 or under)No limit, w/o repeat

010    John Thompson Easiest Piano Course Part 2 book (age 6 or under)No limit, w/o repeat

011    John Thompson Modern Course for the Piano First Grade Book (age 8 or under)No limit, w/o repeat

012    John Thompson Modern Course for the Piano Second Grade Book (age 8 or under)No limit, w/o repeat

013    Free choice of piano Baroque piece (age 14 or under)5

014    Free choice of piano Classical piece (age 14 or under)5

015     Free choice of piano Romantic piece (age 14 or under)5

016    Free choice of piano Modern piece (age 14 or under)5

017    Free choice of European or American piano piece (age 14 or under)5

018    Free choice of Russian or Chinese piano piece (age 14 or under)5

019    Piano duet for Kindergarten group2

020    Piano duet for P1-P3 group5

021    Piano duet for P4-P6 group5

022   Best friends performance group (age 12 or under) (you may invite one best friend to perform one piano + one other instrument or singing)3

*$150 administrative fee will be applied per person to applications or amendments after the last day of entry



Residential Home Care Service: For 6 – 18 years old children and youth from broken and difficult families.

Day Care Service: Full-time primary students from low-income families and they lack proper care if stay at home alone after school.

Youth Home Services: To motivate the disadvantaged youth age 18-20 to build up self-confidence and prepare them to become self-sufficient (financial) by joining the work force.

Christianity Education: To help children and youth to abide in Jesus and to lead them to be Christians for the glory of God and to benefit the society.


Through the love of Jesus Christ, Evangel Children’s Home serves children and youth with purposes of nurturing them to grow maturely in all aspects and helping them build up healthy relationship with their families, by these the name of the Lord will be exalted and the community will be benefited.

“Let the little children come to me……” Matthew 19:14 (The Bible) 

日期:  2017年12月9日 及 10日  星期六及星期日

地點: 紅磡海逸坊中庭 (前漁人碼頭)

正價報名截止日期: 2017年11月30日
^ 11月30日後之申請將需附加每人$150之行政費.


Mr Robin Zebaida




$300: 組別 01,04,09,010,019

$350: 組別 02,03,05,06,011,012

$400: 組別 022

$450: 組別 07,08,013-018

$500: 組別 020,021

* 所有報名費將在扣除行政費用後全數捐贈於播道兒童之家



表演組別及編號 (需背奏)限時 (分鐘)

01        幼稚園K1-K3自選組2

02        小學P1-P3自選組3

03        小學P4-P6自選組3

04        3-4歲自選組2

05        5-6歲自選組3

06        7-8歲自選組3

07        9-10歲自選組5

08        11-12歲自選組5

09        約翰湯姆遜John Thompson Easiest Piano Course Part 1 book (6歲或以下)不限時,無需重複

010    約翰湯姆遜John Thompson Easiest Piano Course Part 2 book (6歲或以下)不限時,無需重複

011    約翰湯姆遜現代鋼琴第一級課程John Thompson Modern Course for the Piano First Grade Book (8歲或以下)不限時,無需重複

012    約翰湯姆遜現代鋼琴第二級課程John Thompson Modern Course for the Piano Second Grade Book (8歲或以下)不限時,無需重複

013    巴洛克鋼琴自選組 (14歲或以下)5

014    古典鋼琴自選組 (14歲或以下)5

015    浪漫鋼琴自選組 (14歲或以下)5

016    現代鋼琴自選組 (14歲或以下)5

017    歐洲及美國鋼琴作品自選組 (14歲或以下)5

018    俄羅斯及中國鋼琴作品自選組 (14歲或以下)5

019    鋼琴二重奏幼兒園組2

020    鋼琴二重奏小學P1-P3組5

021    鋼琴二重奏小學P4-P6組5

022    好朋友表演組 (12歲或以下)(你可邀請一位好朋友, 合奏一首鋼琴+任何一種樂器或聲樂)3


下載組別表 (pdf)

  • 每人每個組別自由選擇, 以背奏形式演奏一首作品

  • 每名表演者最多可參加四個不同組別的項目, 惟每位參加者所報名的項目必須填報於同一張報名表格內

  • 每位表演者均會即場獲發評語紙及証書各乙張





因 MYM Festival 屬表演性質,故需以背奏形式進行,亦沒有分程度或級別,唯每位參加者於每一組別內只限演一首曲目。我們邀請的特別嘉賓將綜合每位小朋友的自信、音樂感、感染力、音色、風格及技巧等,給予評語,並從中選出金銀銅得奬者,各得奬者將獲發嘉許奬狀乙張。每人最多可參加四個不同組別。



下載組別表 (pdf)



表演藝術, 意指將自己喜愛的事物,以藝術形式和手法表達出來,與別人分享。 表演者樂於站在公眾面前, 毫無保留的把自己所感所想表現出來。 MYM FESTIVAL 除個人獨奏外,亦歡迎你帶同好朋友一起上台表演,共同體驗箇中樂趣。



隸屬中國基督教播道會,成立於1956年,服務至今已邁向61周年。 創辦人為美國播道會西教士申路得姑娘 (Ruth Sundquist)。 播道兒童之家一直致力扶助來自困難家庭的兒童及青少年健康成長,並提供三大服務:







* 所有報名費將在扣除行政費用後全數捐贈於播道兒童之家

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