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  • Can I change my piece after enrolment?
    Yes, you can change the piece with no surcharge before the deadline of enrolment, or change the piece with a surcharge of $150 (per person) after the deadline.
  • Can I change the competition time after the timetable is released?
    Yes, you can request to rearrange your competition time if there is another time slot which matches your class and/or your performing piece, with a surcharge of $150. Please proceed the payment then email us your deposit proof and provide us your information.
  • For ONLINE competition, will I get a confirmation email after the video is submitted?"
    No, there will be no email confirmation, but after you have clicked 'submit' in the video submission form, a confirmation message 'Your video is successfully submitted' will appear.
  • How do I know the level of the piece my child is playing?
    For the level of the piece, please consult with your child's teacher. You may also be able to find information on the internet by searching the title of the piece with Trinity or ABRSM . If in doubt, you can contact us by email. If the piece is demonstrably outside the level of the class, then the competitor will be liable to disqualification.
  • How many competitions do you organise every year?
    There are two competitions for piano, usually held in February and October. Additionally, we hold a music festival covering most instruments and singers in May/ June annually.
  • I do not live in Hong Kong. Can I join the competition?
    Yes, you can. For the payment transaction, please refer to our 'Online registration' page.
  • What precautions should I take when submitting an application?
    It is essential to check the requirements of the chosen class, including age, repertoire level and time limit. Those who do not meet the requirements risk disqualification. Payment is neither refundable nor transferable in any case.
  • What precautions should I take when filling in the application form?
    Please make sure all the information is correct, especially your email and postal addresses, in order to ensure you receive the email with the competition schedule, along with postal items such as mark forms and certificates (online competition), trophy name plates (live competition) etc. Also, please note we cannot correct any upper/lower case or typing errors in the information you have filled.
  • Can I leave the competition hall when others are playing?
    To ensure the hall is quiet and to respect others, please leave your seat only between performances.
  • Can I play from music? Do I need to play from memory?
    Yes, you can perform from the music in the competition, if you think this will enhance the quality of the performance overall. It is not compulsory to play from memory (except for MYMF festival performances).
  • Do I need to provide a copy of the music I play on the day?
    Yes, please bring along a neat photocopy of your music for the adjudicators' reference. It is not necessary to bring, or play from, an original book.
  • Do I need to introduce my piece before playing it?
    No, please do not introduce your piece. Just start your performance when you are ready.
  • Do I need to wear a face mask when performing?
    During the pandemic, yes you will need to wear a face mask as long as it is government policy.
  • Do you provide a pedal box for live competitions?
    No, we do not provide one.
  • How do you assess groups with different levels in the same age range?
    The adjudication will be based on musicality, communication, tone quality and interpretation amongst other characteristics, according to the standard of your own chosen piece.
  • How long does each class last?
    For classes under grade 6, each group usually lasts around 60-90 minutes. For grade 6 and higher levels, the competition lasts around 90-180 minutes.
  • How many companions are allowed to sit in the live competition hall?
    Due to limited seat availability, only one companion is allowed during the pandemic.
  • May I take photo and video recordings of my own child's performance in the competition?
    Photos and video recordings are allowed during the competition. Please do not use flash photography. However, in the interests of privacy, each parent can ONLY take photos or videos of their own child, not of other competitors.
  • What does the time limit mean? From when do you start counting?
    The time limit refers to the length of the entire piece and must be strictly observed. Thirty seconds of flexibility will be allowed in certain circumstances. Timing starts from the first note to the last. Please note that performances exceeding the time limit are liable to disqualification.
  • What should I wear for the competition?
    Semi-formal stage attire of competitions is expected.
  • What if I perform a piece that is longer than the time limit in the competition class I have entered?
    If your piece exceeds the time limit of your chosen class, you are liable for disqualification. There will be no mark nor prize, only written comments. No paid fee will be refunded. Thus, please ensure your piece meets the requirements of the class you have chosen.
  • What if I perform a piece that is beyond the required level in the competition class I have entered?
    If your piece is beyond the required level of your chosen class, you are liable for disqualification. There will be no mark nor prize, only written comments. No paid fee will be refunded. Thus, please ensure your piece meets the requirements of the class you have chosen.
  • When the adjudicator presses the bell, what does it mean?"
    It means the adjudicator(s) has/have heard enough on which to base marks and comments. It is not a comment on the quality of the performance.
  • When will I know the competition schedule? Where can I find my performing order?
    The schedule of each competition will be sent to your email address roughly two weeks before the first day of competitions, and will include each competitor's performing order. We will also announce the schedule of each competition class on our Facebook at the same time.
  • Can I order a trophy for my teacher?
    Yes, for First, Second and Third place awardees, you can contact us at the live competition venue, or email within one week after the competition.
  • How can I collect my mark form and certificate if I leave the hall before the competition finishes?
    We will send the documents to your mailing address soon after the competition.
  • How many prizes are awarded in each class?
    There is one Winner (First Place) only in each class and the Winner must score 90 or above. For Second and Third places, there may be many when there are identical marks.
  • I did not win a trophy in the competition. Can I order one?
    Yes, you can order a special merit or proficiency trophy after the competition (must score 75 or above). Please do so either in person at the venue or email us within a week after the competition. This trophy will encourage competitors, rewarding their hard work in the learning process.
  • When will I know the result of the live competition?
    All competition groups are one round only, and the result will be announced in the hall after everyone has performed and the jury has reached its decision.
  • When can I collect the mark form and certificate?
    For LIVE competitions, HKMFY has since 2015 given out mark forms (comment sheet) together with certificates and music copies immediately after the prize announcement at the competition venue. For ONLINE competitions, the documents will be mailed to your registered address two to four weeks after all competition groups have been marked.
  • Where can I find the results if I join the Online Competition?
    After all videos have been marked and checked, we will announce the results on our facebook HKMFY and email you individually.
  • Why does my trophy have no name plate or any information on it?
    The name plates will show the information of the awarded competition class, awardee's name and the prize awarded. They are made up specially for each awardee, and the process takes about a month. We will mail it to you by Hongkong Post once received.
  • Will there be a certificate for teachers?
    For the First, Second and Third place awardees, there will be a Teacher Certificate given to you unless the teacher's name is not stated in your application.
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  • What device do I need to attend your online lectures?
    We do our online lectures on zoom for which you will need to install the zoom app prior to the event. As our lectures usually show detailed presentations and information, and even some sample music scores, we advise using the largest device screen you have available.
  • Will I get a certificate for attending the lecture?
    For most of our online lectures we provide a digital certificate. If you wish to obtain a printed certificate, there will be a handling fee. Please contact us for details.
  • Will there be a handout of the lecture?
    For most of our online lectures we provide a handout and/or related materials from our guest speakers. Some of them will be sent to you before the lecture and some will be sent out by email afterwards.
  • Will there be an official receipt after I have enrolled for a lecture?
    We do not normally issue a receipt, just email confirmation. If you prefer to collect a receipt, please contact us by email and we will send you a digital one.
  • Can I pay with Payme, AliPay, WechatPay or Credit Card?"
    We are sorry that we do not accept Payme, AliPay, WechatPay or Credit Card at the moment, but you can transfer the fee by e-banking. Please refer to our 'Payment' page.
  • How long does it take to receive the confirmation or receipt from you?
    Once we have received your payment proof email, we will reply to you with a confirmation or receipt within five working days.
  • What should I do if there is no confirmation nor receipt from you after 5 days of sending out the bank proof?
    Please contact us again by re-sending your bank proof email. Our email address:
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