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1) 直接從電腦或手提裝置上傳影片, 或

2) 預先上載影片到個人YouTube channel 然後以YouTube連結提交。



  • 影片內容盡可能包括演奏前後之鞠躬,鞠躬時需清晰顯示演奏者之容貌(請注意拍攝時之光線)

  • 不需要讀出名字或介紹樂曲

  • 影片清晰顯示演奏時上半身及至腳踏(如有使用)、雙手和鍵盤。

  • 影片需要一氣呵成,不可有任何加工或編輯(剪除自我介紹部份除外)

  • 影片須為截止提交前三個月內拍攝

  • 任何不合規格或與比賽無關的影片將一律取消資格,所繳款項不予退回。

Competition Form

Participants will need to upload videos to the specific standard requested and the jury will give marks and comments, and awards for each competition class.

We will email you the link for uploading video once we have confirmed your registration and payment. Participants can choose to submit videos in either of the following ways:
1) Upload videos directly from a computer, mobile phone or any portable device, or
2) Upload the video to your personal YouTube channel and submit us the YouTube link.

The video must not be changed/ updated/ revised once it is submitted.

Recording Requirements
Camera resolution should be set 720p (and/or 30fps) and the file size must not exceed 2GB. There is no limit for YouTube videos.

  • Competitors are required to present live performance etiquette such as bowing before and after the performance. The performer's face must be shown clearly (with sufficient lighting in the room).

  • No need to announce name or introduce the music. 

  • The video should clearly show the upper body up to pedals (if used), hands and keyboard during performance.

  • The video has to be made in one take without any processing or editing.

  • The video must be taken within three months before the deadline for submission.

  • Any video that does not meet the requirements or is not related to the competition will be disqualified, and the payment will not be refunded.

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