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The world first Zoom live online music festival. ⭐️

Festival jury panel: Mr Ryan Lewis (Principal adjudicator), Mr Rosanna Whitfield, Ms Ann Martin-Davis, Mr Loo Bang Hean and Mr Robin Zebaida.


Festival jury panel: 

Mr Bill Thomson (Principal Adjudicator), Mr Loo Bang Hean, Dr Derek Anthony and Dr Blanc Wan.


The four highest achieving boys in the Strings and Winds secondary groups (boys age 13-16 only) will be offered the opportunities to participate in the Final week of Whitgift International Music Competition, from 7-11 April 2019, which covers all free masterclasses, lectures, and rehearsals.


Apart from the original categories in the previous years, we have added in Ensemble classes for Primary and Secondary School Sections and the participants really enjoyed it!


For the first time we collaborated with UK leading boys school The Whitgift School. Six highest achieving boys were chosen in the Strings and Winds secondary groups and were offered the opportunities to participate in the Final week of Whitgift International Music Competition, from 2-6 April 2017.  ✈️ Travel costs for each boy of up to £700, plus the accommodation and food for the duration of stay will be covered by Whitgift School
WIMC Prizes include a full scholarship to study at Whitgift School until the end of Sixth Form, solo performance opportunities with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as well as cash awards. 


A Winner Award Ceremony and Performance Day was held in the grand and huge Discovery Park shopping mall Tseun Wan on 18 August 2015. Over 1000 people participated in the 8 hours performance event!

2014 香港青少年巴林普爾音樂節

Apart from having ABRSM examiners as our juries, we also invited Mr Jonathan Dobson, Director of Music at Queenswood School UK and renowned pianist Mr Simon Mulligan from New York. Again we achieved a great success over the 50 hours festival!

2013 香港青少年巴林普爾音樂節

The first Hong Kong Youth Barclampory Music Festival was held in August 2013, featuring Pianos, Strings, Winds and Vocal, providing a comprehensive and practical platform for local music students. The 43 hours festival was run in HK Science Museum, HK Space Museum and Tom Lee Academy Hall Megabox, which involved over 80 primary and secondary local schools and was widely welcome by teachers and parents.

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2017 童真.同心鋼琴表演節 MYM Festival

A piano performing arts festival charity where donation was sent to Evangel Children’s Home.

Our guests of honour included Mr Robin Zebaida, Dr Amy Sze and Miss Colleen Lee.

Through the love of Jesus Christ, Evangel Children’s Home serves children and youth with purposes of nurturing them to grow maturely in all aspects and helping them build up healthy relationship with their families, by these the name of the Lord will be exalted and the community will be benefited.

2016 童真.同心鋼琴表演節 MYM Festival

A piano performing arts festival charity where donation was sent to Evangel Children’s Home.

Our guests of honour were Dr Jerome Hoberman and Dr Karl Lo.

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1 - 3 Oct 2020

Jury Panel: Dr Mary Wu, Ms Julie Kuok, Dr Amy Sze, Dr Blanc Wan, Mr Robin Zebaida, Mr Leo Phillips

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27 - 28 Jan 2020

Jury Panel: Mr Robin Zebaida, Mr Alan Chu

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3 - 14 Oct 2019

Jury Panel: Dr Cheng Wai, Dr Mary Wu, Dr Paolo Vairo, Dr Blanc Wan, Mr Robin Zebaida

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7 -12 Feb 2019

Jury Panel: Ms Ann Martin-Davis, Dr Blanc Wan, Ms Julie Kuok, Mr Robin Zebaida, Mr Robert Sipos-Ori

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10 - 20 May 2018

Jury Panel: Mr Loo Bang Hean, Mr Robert Sipos-Ori, Mr Robin Zebaida

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18 - 20 Feb 2018

Jury Panel: Ms Ann Martin-Davis, Dr Amy Sze, Mr Robin Zebaida, Ms Hellen An, Mr Ivan Yanakov

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1 & 2 May 2017

Jury Panel: Prof Loo Bang Hean, Dr Jerome Hoberman, Mr Ivan Yanakov, Mr Robert Sipos-Ori

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31Jan - 1 Feb 2017

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25 & 26 Mar 2016

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2016 亞太傑出青少年鋼琴比賽

17 & 31 Jan 2016

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2015 亞太傑出青少年鋼琴比賽

1 & 3 Oct 2015


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[Alternative Pieces as the 4th Piece] by Mr Loo Bang Hean


16 & 17 Dec 2020 

Focus on Grade 5 to 8 alternative pieces of the new syllabus, discussing matters such as style and interpretation, tone colour, touch, pedalling and other technical or musical issues, as well as programming for the upcoming Performance Grade Exams.

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[JAZZ Rhythm] by Ms Ann Martin-Davis


14 Dec 2020 

Jazz and Contemporary Rhythm for piano teachers:
how to get the essential ‘feel’ in contemporary styles.

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Performance Grades Exam Webinar



10 & 24 Nov 2020 

主講: Mr Loo Bang Hean

嘉賓講者: Ms Ann Martin-Davis & Mr Ryan Lewis

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Piano Repertoire Beyond Grade 8 by Mr Loo Bang Hean


5 May 2020 - Teaching Baroque & Classical Piano Repertoire

6 May 2020 - Teaching Romantic & Contemporary Piano Repertoire

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James Kirby Piano Workshop

11 Dec 2019 - Technique and Practice

12 Dec 2019 - Harmony and Structure

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鋼琴教學實踐及教學文憑講座 by Ms Camelia Chui

7 Nov 2019 - 古典時期作品之彈奏和教學要訣

12 Nov 2019 - 初級鋼琴教學

3 Dec 2019 - 初級鋼琴教學

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Mastery in Piano Technique and Exercise in Practice by Dr Blanc Wan

8 Oct 2019 - 創意音階和哈農的練習方法

9 Oct 2019 - 技巧訓練和鋼琴初級教學

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音樂聆聽技巧訓練 (一) (二) (三) by Mr Robin Zebaida

9 Sep 2019- Grade 1 - 4

12 Sep 2019- Grade 5 - 6

16 Sep 2019- Grade 7 - 8

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Late 19th Century and Beyond - Piano Teaching Repertoire by Mr Loo Bang Hean

16 August 2019

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The Performance Studies- Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn Piano Sonatas by Dr Blanc Wan

19 July - 13 September 2019

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Ann Martin-Davis Piano Performance and Teaching Lecture


10 February 2019

Covering repertoire taken from the current 2019-20 ABRSM Grades 1-8 syllabus,
Ann Martin-Davis explains deep learning piano methods: incorporate teaching ideas from Schumann and Cortot up to the present day to transform your students' exam and competition performances, achieve excellent results, and enhance your own work satisfaction.

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Bill Thomson Piano Performance & Teaching Series 4- Romantic & 20th Century Piano Music Study


2 August 2018

10:00-11:30am Piano Masterclass

11:30am-12:30pm Brunch 

1:00-4:00pm Romantic Period Piano Music

4:30-7:30pm 20th Century Piano Music

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MasterTalk series by Loo Bang Hean


23 May 2018 - Preparing Piano Diploma Programme

24 May 2018 - Baroque Pieces

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Bill Thomson Piano Performance and Teaching Series 3

12 Nov 2017 - Piano masterclass

12 Nov 2017 - Keyboard Harmony and Improvisation on Piano

12 Nov 2017 - Baroque Practice and Keyboard Music

15 Nov 2017 - Haydn Piano Sonatas

16 Nov 2017 - Mozart Piano Sonatas

17 Nov 2017 - Beethoven Piano Sonatas

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Bill Thomson Piano Performance and Teaching Series 2

15 Aug 2017 – Early Romantic Period Piano Music (up to 1850)

16 Aug 2017 – Later Romantic Period Piano Music (from 1850)

17 Aug 2017 – Keyboard Harmony and Improvisation

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Ivan Yanakov Piano Masterclass III

8 July 2017

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MasterTalk series by Loo Bang Hean

4 May 2017 - The Others

5 May 2017 - Piano Diploma in Preparation

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Bill Thomson Piano Sonata Performance and Teaching Series

9 Feb - Mozart Sonatas
16 Feb - Haydn Sonatas
23 Feb - Beethoven Sonatas

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Bill Thomson Piano Masterclass

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MasterTalk by Prof Danilo Manto



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Piano Performance and Teaching Series by Mr Robin Zebaida


30 Mar - Selected ABRSM Graded exam pieces 
31.Mar - Selected pieces of DIPABRSM / ATCL 

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Piano Exam Pieces Masterclass & Ivan Yanakov Piano Masterclass




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ABRSM Strings Workshop by Ms Joan Mee

16 July 2014

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Simon Mulligan Piano Masterclass

15 July 2014

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